Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Hatred and Tears

It was the 2nd time I cried to him.
I couldn’t bear with them anymore.
I couldn’t take them anymore.
I believe I deserved it much better.

People said it’s a process of learning.
I guess it’s a process of torturing,
Torturing mind, heart and soul.
I guess it’s a process of killing too.
Killing me softly...
Inside...and outside....
I’m dying...

Teach me, people.
Teach me, please.
Teach me how to swallow them without pain.
So that I can eat them all with a smile.

**Hati bertahanlah...bertahanlah...He knows what's the best for you....
**He wont give this challenges to you if He knows you cant take it...

Yakin dan bertawakallah duhai hati

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