Monday, November 22, 2010

lab test

I went to the Red Hill Collection for the lab test as suggested by Dr Jan Casey...Alhamdulilah, I was told that they will send the bill straight away to the Medibank (kopak la kalu kena byr sndri)...She asked me, “Do you want to do it now?”... I said “Yes!!” (dengan amat confident skali..padahal dr kecik2 mmg takot jarum)...After a few seconds, I realized that she took about 5 tubes of my blood (patutla lama sgt)...Gudness!!Byk ok!!!
I really hope that the result will come out clean...Ameen

Met Hanis at city. She told me “Kau pucat sgt..kau ok ke?”. At the moment I felt nothing, cuma lenguh tangan sebelah kanan ja...bila dh sampai umah...huii penat and letih gila...At last KO for 2 hours....hee (skrg dh ok cuma lengan masih lenguh....mmg camneh eh?)

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