Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to track again...

Dah lama gila x menulis...kinda bz (chehh...alasan kunun...mayb la kan...sort of bz n not in the mood of writing actually)
I just realized that I’ll write a lot when I’m not in a stable condition(bunyi cm parah ja..haha...what I mean is not in the good feeling)
I guess writing blog kinda help me to ease the ‘feelings’

Oh my sweet DECEMBER
Home sweet home.
After two years menjenguk tempat2 org...now I’m back!
Back with a new ‘me’ I guess...Insyallah
Nothing much different (OK tipu! brg2 dh berubah sbb banjir haritu)
(Tipu lagi!) Till now...I’m still learning to believe....
Believe the fact that in this era...there are people who kill people silently...
Ya Allah, Engkau tolonglah hambaMu ini...
Betapa kerdilnya hambaMu ini...

Oh my sweet JANUARY
Back in IPBA!
Lain cerita,
Lain benua,
Lain penerimaannya.

I have had it enough
I said enough...Enough la!
Enough with your stories,
Enough with your sorry,
Enough with your excuses...
Cause I have had them enough....
Thank you for giving me this experience~

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