Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can I be a good teacher?

We went to SK Sri Saujana today for our language art teaching's experience. It was a great experience though. I MEAN IT!But I was quite frustrated with myself. I couldn't manage to carry out the story telling activity. I couldn't control the class. I can speak clearly, accurately and fluently.Huuuu.....Can I be a good teacher? Thanks to Faris, the saviour of the day. I learned a lot from you on how to working with the tiny thoughts. Ok Hani, starting from now,
1. don't be too ambitious. See you students' level of proficiency first.
2. don't be too kind and too soft when you first enter the class. Be firm! Cause they will 'makan' you later.
3. practice your facial expression from now. Biaq pi la if people want to say you a drama queen or what...because..'SO WHAT!'
4. Don't use grammatical correct language if you are working with tiny thought who have low level of proficiency. Use words that suit their level. They will just ignore you!

**I dont care if they want to throw me ke ulu-ulu...but I dont want big cities...**
*Teacher, teacher ni xtahu ckp bhsa Melayu ke?*

What's happening to our kids nowadays? I know I should be the agent of change but .....

Tapi kan semua yang berlaku itu ada hikmahnya...Insyallah...He knows the best, aite? cheers~

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