Wednesday, March 2, 2011

These are what I learned today...:)

People may dance tango but you are dancing waltz.
Be different for the right reasons.
(Dr. Raja Azizah, CS, 2011)

Make it meaningful,
Then, it would be purposeful,
If not, you are bloody fool.
(Mdm Norzilah, LTP, 2011)

Could I?Insyallah...

I just embarrassed myself today. Nope. Let’s think in a positive way. 
I just made the lecture interesting, exciting and happening....hehe
Dr. L: Nur Azhani...where is Nur Azhani?
Me: (raised my hand)
Dr.L : Ok..what is the purpose of the data analysis?
Me: analyze the data!
Dr. L: (Grinned)...I know...
Me:  (Grinned)
Friends: HAHAHAHAHA....

Mun Ting: I really like your answer. (I would like to ask more why did you like it but segan la pulak...haha)
Izzy: Jawapan kau buatkan aku xmengantuk. Aku ingat aku sorg je yg blur2...Aku pon pkr cmtu juga td..(Great people think alike kn?)
Farouk:Joke for today from Hani (Hoyyehhh!Bukan senang tau...)

Today’s lessons!
~Jangan blur2 masa lectures
~Sila pay attention..tu la asyik gelak pasai 1Malaysia, 1 bathroom...kang dh kena...hehe
~Sila berfikir dgn pantas
~Kalu dah jadi cikgu nnti, jgn la duk panggil students terkejut lagu tu...bukan smua students boleh respond cmtu....

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