Friday, June 10, 2011

I have no regret...

No regret at all...

A friend of mine ask me “ade bende tak yg u menyesal tak buat time u stadi dlu?”

Alhamdulilah...I guess it is NO. Betul!Tak tipu punya.... though only been there for two years but I believe it was the most quality time that I had ever spent.

~I went travelling.
~I worked part-time.
~I managed to save some money.
~I managed to get good grades...(owhh..not here...+_+)
~I have a lot of friends.
~I shopped a till I drop? (Ayyooo..penat membanting tulang pastu ku p beli apa tatau)
~I learned to value the meaning of friendship (Guys, thanks for supporting me all this while)
~Sama-sama ikat perut..kelaparan sbb elaun xmasuk lg...(ok..tipu...xikat tp mkn xmeriah...xleh nk mkn yg merapu-rapu)
~ Learn to be a strong and tough person.
~Learn to stand up for myself...not being bullied and deceived by others.
~Learn to.....byk lagi!(Ok dh mls nk tulis..basically self development and improvement and mengenali tentang Dia and dia..chewahh..tentang Dia dan manusia lah!)

Okay...byk sungguh yang 'I learned' there actually but yg sgt2 precious adalah I learned what is tawakal dan yakin kepadaNya....and setiap sesuatu mesti ada hikmah disebaliknya...
I guess both are the reasons why I have no regret....

Alhamdulilah...treasuring my own self and life help me to be better and thankful

It’s life and you can’t run from it!

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